Programs and Services

Our programs and services support communities to strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of children, young people and adults who are adapting to change, loss and grief in their lives. Our ongoing support and on-the-ground services help to embed and sustain knowledge and capacity in local schools and communities. We work closely with schools and other community groups who have strong, trusted relationships with children and young people, to support them to adapt well to change, loss and grief.

Programs and Services

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Seasons for Growth Children and Young People

An education program to build the resilience and wellbeing of children and young people as they adapt to change and loss.

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Seasons for Life

Supporting Australian high school communities with loss and grief education following a suicide or other loss event.

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An education program to build the resilience and wellbeing of children and young people following natural disasters.

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Seasons for Growth Adult

An education program helping adults to build knowledge and skills to respond to change, loss and grief in their lives.

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Seasons for Growth Parent

Helping parents develop the knowledge and skills to support children and young people through family change and loss.

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Seasons for Healing

An education program to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults' experiences of change and loss.

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Wellbeing in Schools

Supporting school communities with evidence-based loss and grief education programs, resources and coaching.

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Disaster Recovery

Working in communities to support ongoing recovery, build resilience and enhance community preparedness.

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Facilitate Our Programs

Companions are trained facilitators who deliver our programs to children, young people and adults in their communities.

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I felt a lot better because I was letting all the pain out. Sometimes in school I'd feel like crying about it, and I nearly cried. Then I just held it in. But when I went to Seasons (for Growth) I could just let it out, and talk about it. I didn't need to cry because I could talk about it

Matt, 9

Frequently Asked Questions

MacKillop Seasons programs are built upon the foundations of the Seasons for Growth program developed more than 25 years ago by Professor Anne Graham AO, Founding Director of the Centre for Children and Young People at Southern Cross University. 

Over the past two decades, our programs have adapted and expanded to meet the identified needs of children, young people and adults in relation to experiences of change, loss and grief.

The MacKillop Seasons programs draw upon the metaphor of the seasons to illustrate the experience of grief. Delivered in a series of small group sessions, participants learn that they are not alone in their experiences of change and loss, exploring the impact of grief in a safe and supported environment. 

Delivered by Companions (trained facilitators who live and work in the community), participants connect with others going through similar experiences and they learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to understand and manage their experiences of change, loss and grief.  The programs foster emotional literacy and resilience to improve social and emotional wellbeing.

The MacKillop Seasons programs have supported more than 400,000 children, young people and adults in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales.  An extensive evidence base for the efficacy of the programs has been established through high-quality research, evaluations, practitioner generated evidence and participant feedback throughout the history of the programs. Find out more information here

MacKillop Seasons offers online training workshops to upskill professionals who seek to facilitate our programs. Please view our training page or contact us if you would like to arrange onsite group training for your school or organisation. Find out more information here.


The MacKillop Seasons team is located across Australia, providing professional learning sessions for schools and communities, support for secondary school communities impacted by suicide and other loss events through our Seasons for Life initiative and on-the-ground disaster recovery support in identified regions.  

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