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Companions are trained program facilitators who offer MacKillop Seasons programs to children, young people and adults in school and community settings.

Who can facilitate the MacKillop Seasons programs?

Trained facilitators, known as 'Companions' accompany participants on their learning journey and provide a safe and creative environment to explore experiences of change, loss and grief. Companions are often teachers, psychologists, chaplains, nurses, counsellors, social workers, health workers or other qualified professionals who feel they are well placed to offer the programs within their community.

When considering becoming a Companion for Seasons for Healing, it is important to ensure that, where possible, a Companion is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, or if co-Companioning, that at least one of the Companions is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

How do I become a trained facilitator, known as a Companion?

To become a Companion and facilitate a MacKillop Seasons program, you must participate in the complete training course either online or face-to-face with a skilled and accredited trainer. This involves engaging with the theory and principles underpinning the programs, experiencing the content, practicing the skills necessary to implement it well, and reflecting on the possibilities and limitations of their role so as to ensure a safe, quality learning experience for the participants they companion.

All potential Companions must be endorsed by their employer, organisation or leaders within their school or organisation. Only trained Companions can order and use the MacKillop Seasons program materials.

What support is provided to trained Companions?

Once trained, Companions are provided support over the phone and online. Our aim is to help you to share our programs with children, young people and adults.

We provide:

  • Ongoing support from MacKillop Seasons trainers
  • Dedicated online Companion portal with access to additional resources to support your program implementation
  • Additional online professional learning provided at no cost
  • Communities of practice forums - online and in-person
  • Newsletters and articles
  • Factsheets and resources to share with your communities

Is it possible to arrange Companion training for my school or community?

Training workshops can be arranged for your school or community organisation by contacting the MacKillop Seasons team.

Delivering Stormbirds has been both therapeutic and relevant for both the children and the teachers

- Teacher trained in Stormbirds

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