Wellbeing in Schools

The Seasons for Growth Children and Young Peoples and Stormbirds programs are recognised as evidence-based programs in state education wellbeing directories across Australia. We work in partnership with education providers to build the capacity of school professionals to strengthen the emotional wellbeing, support networks and resilience of children and young people following experiences of change, loss and grief.

Supporting school communities with evidence-based loss and grief education programs, resources and coaching.

How does MacKillop Seasons support wellbeing in schools?

MacKillop Seasons offer education systems and schools the opportunity to provide wrap-around education resources to build knowledge and capacity to support the school community in times of change, loss and grief. We offer training and support through philanthropic and government funded initiatives, supporting school communities to strengthen knowledge and capacity to respond to experiences of change and loss, including for communities impacted by disasters and loss by suicide.

How are the offerings delivered?

Our learning sessions are available online or in person and can be tailored to meet the needs of school-based professionals, principals, teachers, school counsellors, education psychologists, chaplains, student support roles, and wellbeing roles. Sessions can be arranged for school clusters or individual schools and tailored to individual school needs. View our Companion training for more information on how to facilitate our Seasons for Growth and Stormbirds programs within your school.

What are the MacKillop Seasons offerings to support school wellbeing?

  • Training, support and coaching in our evidence-based Seasons for Growth and Stormbirds programs
  • All-staff professional learning session about change, loss and grief and responding to the needs of young people, including following experienced of forced migration, out-of-home care, disasters, pandemics and suicide loss
  • Parent/carer and community sessions
  • Communities of practice and ongoing professional development for trained Companions
  • Signpost and connect schools with external support as appropriate.

Did you know MacKillop Family Services provides other education support?

MacKillop Seasons is part of community service organisation MacKillop Family Services, offering a range of programs to support young people who are disengaged from school. Find out more.

MacKillop Family Services also operate The MacKillop Institute who partners with education providers to implement the ReLATE model, a whole-of-school model that supports schools to create safe, supportive and predictable environments for enhanced teaching, learning and wellbeing. Find out more about the ReLATE model.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MacKillop Seasons team provide training, ongoing professional learning and support for professionals wishing to support their students with the Seasons for Growth and Stormbirds programs.  We also offer professional learning sessions for whole school staff on request. 
Please contact the MacKillop Seasons team to learn more about planning a session for your school by completing the form below.
The professional learning session content and delivery will be developed based on the expressed needs of the school.  We will provide you with details of the proposed session and a quote for delivery.  Occasionally, the MacKillop Seasons team can offer professional learning sessions fully funded through existing funding opportunities.
The children and young people’s program is recognised in evidence-based program directories with the Australian Government’s Australian Institute of Family Studies – Communities for Children Facilitating Partners Evidence-based programme profiles.

In 2019, the program was recognised with a ‘high impact’ rating in the in Australian Research Council’s Engagement and Impact Assessment 2018–19 National Report and in Research Impact NSW report by the NSW Education Department.
Yes. Stormbirds and the Seasons for Growth Children and Young Peoples programs are recognised as evidence-based programs in the state education wellbeing directories in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Stories and Outcomes

The positive impact the students experience as they explore the contents of the program is evidence that it specifically targets and equips the variety of participant needs.


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