A short video offering insight into children’s reactions following natural disaster and introducing the Stormbirds program. 

Suitable for children and their families.

Adapting to life after natural disasters, such as floods, bushfires, earthquakes, droughts, or big storms, can be hard. This short video follows the journey of an engaging, animated bird to gently acknowledge children’s emotional responses. Woven through the bird’s story are reassurance and ideas for supporting children’s own resilience and recovery.

The video also introduces Stormbirds, our small-group education program for children and young people impacted by natural disaster. The Stormbirds program supports students aged 6-14 years to understand and respond well to the change, loss, and uncertainty surrounding natural disasters. Through the creative mix of animation and real footage in this video, children, families and schools are offered insight into a Stormbirds group.

This short, beautiful video is suitable viewing for children, young people and the adults who care for them. Companions may like to share this video with your students and families to promote your upcoming Stormbirds sessions. 

The Stormbirds program is usually offered by schools and community organisations to children and young people in disaster-impacted communities.